Localization Services



Atma Entretenimento's pool of 300 plus voices includes the voices of established talents and singers.  We offer top voice matching for each role, providing clients with suggestions for our preferred choices.  In addition to their excellent interpretative skills, our dubbing actors deliver superior lip synchronization. 

Translation and Adaptation

Atma Entretenimento specializes in translations and adaptations into Brazilian Portuguese for our voice over dubbing projects.  We have a team of translators and adaptors who are trained to understand and meet complex service guidelines.  Each project is managed in such a way that translated dialogue matches the original text remaining faithful to the original tone and meaning.  

Dubbing Recording

Whenever working with Lip-Sync, Narration or UN-Style dubbing project, Atma Entretenimento delivers quality recordings that meet perfectly with both our clients' and the market's expectations.  We are detail-oriented and handle all types of content for over-the-top, broadcasting and theatrical releases with excellence. 


We have a team of dedicated and qualified sound engineers who follow stringent specifications according to clients' requests to produce unparalleled mixes. 

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control in every stage of our projects is mandatory.  


We can package this service with dubbing projects upon request.


We have a trained team of gaming translators,  reviewers and directors to localize various genres of games into Brazilian Portuguese while providing effective localization solutions on translation, adaptation and dubbing.