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Atma Entretenimento was founded in São Paulo in 2017 by experienced professionals who know how to make content local.  Thanks to our over 40 years of extensive combined experience with Brazilian Portuguese localization services and our excellence track record with project management, we are able to deliver premium quality dubbing at competitive prices.

Since the broadcast industry continues to shape the future of global entertainment, bringing new stories each day at a pace that was hardly imaginable a decade ago, Atma Entretenimento is here to make sure that each project you entrust to us is perfectly translated, dubbed and mixed in a timely manner.  

We also have a team of well-known composers and musicians for the production of film scoring and songs.

Executive Team

Daniela Justi

Business Development Director and Account Services

Daniela Justi has extensive international exposure and professional experience in Latin America, Europe and United States.  Prior to founding Atma Entretenimento, in her role of Sales and Client Relations for the Dubbing Company, she drove a remarkable sales lift of almost 400X over existing levels during her three year tenure there from 2015 to 2017.  Daniela holds a B.A. in Finance from Kennesaw State University where she graduated with honors and also an MBA in Leadership and Commercial Diplomacy from Georgia State University in conjunction with the Sorbonne Graduated Business School (IAE).  She is fluent in English and Portuguese, proficient in Spanish and also speaks basic conversational French and Turkish.    

Gilberto de Syllos

Director of Operations

Gilberto de Syllos co-founded Atma Entretenimento in 2017 and is responsible for supervising all artistic aspects  of the dubbing production.  He brings more than 30 years of experience as a professional musician, director, singer, performer, actor and composer to the company.  Since 1987, he has composed and played for a variety of soundtracks in the entertainment industry.  He also has authored several books, including "Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music," which was released in Europe and in the United States by Advance Music Editors.  Gilberto de Syllos holds a bachelor's degree in Music from The State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and will hold a master's degree from the same university.

Localization Services



Atma Entretenimento's pool of 300 plus voices includes the voices of established talents and singers.  We offer top voice matching for each role, providing clients with suggestions for our preferred choices.  In addition to their excellent interpretative skills, our dubbing actors deliver superior lip synchronization. 

Translation and Adaptation

Atma Entretenimento specializes in translations and adaptations into Brazilian Portuguese for our voice over dubbing projects.  We have a team of translators and adaptors who are trained to understand and meet complex service guidelines.  Each project is managed in such a way that translated dialogue matches the original text remaining faithful to the original tone and meaning.  We also create glossaries to maintain consistency throughout a project.

Dubbing Recording

Whenever working with Lip-Sync, Narration or UN-Style dubbing project, Atma Entretenimento delivers quality recordings that meet perfectly with both our clients' and the market's expectations.  We are detail-oriented and handle all types of content for over-the-top, broadcasting and theatrical releases with excellence. Atma is the first Brazilian localization company to use VoiceQ, a high-end software platform described as the industry "gold standard" for workflow efficiency, speed and quality by its developer. Actors have now more liberty to do what they do best, acting.


We have a team of dedicated and qualified sound engineers who follow stringent specifications to produce unparalleled mixes. 


We can package this service with dubbing projects upon request.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control in every stage of our projects is mandatory.  We are proud to say that our quality control approvals  are nearly 100%.

Barbie Vlogger - Jingle Bells

Episode 220

Screechers Wild Season 1 Intro Song Making Off

Singers: MadHouse

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